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Disintegrating Sphere

Think you may have been breached?
Accidently leaked some personally identifiable data?

Don't know what to do?

Start your free incident assessment now

No Credit Card needed!


Instantly adhere to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OIAC) guidelines and actions for possible data breaches or leakage.

Avoid non-compliance and possible penalties (up to $2.1 million for organisations and $360,000 for individuals) with an automated OAIC compliant process for incident assessment and reporting!

Avoid the fines and bad publicity.

We're here to help all businesses

Your first Assessment is free!

  1. Industry-Agnostic Solution

  2. Suitable for all industries, from Large Enterprise - healthcare (protecting patient data) to Retail (securing customer payment information) and Medium to Small businesses - anyone who may handle personal customer or staff information.

  3. Enhances Brand Reputation

  4. Demonstrates a commitment to data security and regulatory compliance, fostering trust among customers and partners.

  5. Automated Updates for Regulatory Changes

  6. The solution is updated to stay in line with any changes in the Australian data protection laws, ensuring ongoing compliance without additional effort or cost from your organisation.

  7. Accessible 24/7

  8. Using our AI integrated workflow platform, it offers around-the-clock service, vital for addressing possible incidents/breaches that may occur outside of standard business hours.

  1. Your information is secure

  2. All information that is exchanged is encrypted in Azure and only kept for the duration of the incident enquiry then deleted by us.

  • How does your solution simplify compliance with the Australian Notifiable Data Breach scheme?
    Our automated system simplifies compliance by efficiently managing the reporting process for you. It quickly identifies whether your incident is a breach or not, generates reports in the required format, for you to submit them to the necessary authorities - ensuring that your business adheres to legal requirements with minimal manual effort. It also generates a report that outlines why you deemed the incident not a data breach, therefore substantiating your investigation efforts.
  • Is this solution suitable for my industry, given its specific data protection needs?
    Yes, our solution is industry-agnostic and versatile enough to cater to any sector, whether it’s healthcare, retail, finance, trades or education - in fact any industry. It is tailored to handle the specific data protection requirements of different industries, ensuring comprehensive compliance and data security.
  • What makes this solution more advantageous than hiring a professional to handle data breach reporting?
    Our automated AI integrated solution is based on our questions and your answers. It is not only incredibly more cost-effective than hiring a professional but also ensures consistent reporting. It offers a faster response time, making it an efficient and reliable alternative to manual processes.
  • How user-friendly is this solution for someone without technical expertise?
    Our solution is designed with simplicity in mind. It requires zero technical knowledge, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. The intuitive questioning ensures that you just provide answers and based upon the flow and the AI built in the tool, it will advise of every next step - qualifying or disqualifying your incident as a data breach at every step of the process.
  • How quickly can the system respond to my incident notification?
    As fast as your fingers can type :-) Our system is engineered for rapid response. As soon as you start the incident process, the system initiates the questioning and reporting process, ensuring that if your incident is indeed a notifiable breach, your report is completed so you can submit within the legally mandated timeframe. This prompt action is crucial in mitigating the impact of the breach and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Start Your Free Assessment Now

  • Step 1: Send the details of the incident to

  • Step 2: Interact with our AI integrated workflow for a thorough assessment

  • Step 3: Receive a detailed report determining if the incident is notifiable

  • Step 4: Follow our guided process for formal OAIC notification (if needed)


Welcome to Notifiable Breach - the only incident analysis and reporting tool you will need for a suspected NDB.

The founders saw a maze of legal investigative and reporting requirements if a suspected data breach or data leak has occurred and knew there was a simpler way to manage this and comply with all the requirements of OAIC.

They understood it can be complex, and expensive so they wanted to offer the first assessment free to every business to provide them with peace of mind.

They engaged Released Group Pty Ltd, a beacon of innovative solutions in the IT landscape, to launch their concept for any Australian businesses.


With a fervent passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Released Group stand at the forefront of revolutionising how businesses handle data security and governance, risk and compliance.

Our Mission

At Released Group, we are driven by a singular mission – to empower businesses with tools that not only safeguard their data but also simplify compliance with regulatory standards. We believe in creating solutions that are not only efficient but also accessible to businesses of all sizes and are incredibly cost efficient.

It’s not just about meeting the needs of today; it’s about anticipating the demands of tomorrow. 


When we saw what the founders of Notifiable Breach were looking to do, we couldn't wait to get started in bringing their concept to fruition, and then to the market.


Innovative Solutions for Modern Challenges

The founders offering, an AI integrated investigation and reporting process for suspected notifiable data breaches, embodies Released Groups commitment to innovation. This tool ensures compliance with Australian privacy laws, all while maintaining the utmost ease of use – a hallmark of all of our solutions.

We could not be prouder working with innovative Australians in this space!

Assess, Decide, Notify - Simplified!

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